Finding Your Voice: Making a Positive Impact by Speaking Up and Being Heard

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•  To Make an Impact with Your Family and Friends

• To Make an Impact in Your Community

• To Make an Impact in Your Workplace

• To Make an Impact in the World

Details of the Event:

•    Airing October 16– 17, 2021

Don't miss out on hearing from these WORLD CLASS Speakers

Jennifer Bilger

Coach Jen Bilger is a Certified Behavioral Consultant and Coach that has a unique focus on the behavioral side of business. She works with corporate leaders and teams to explore not only the leader’s unique leadership style but to help them learn how to recognize their team strengths and limitations. In understanding their team members from a different vantage point, she helps the leader discover where the team will find its most successful path to efficiently meet goals. In addition, she will work with each team member to define their unique advantages within the team and how to best utilize those assets to enhance not only their own performance but enrich the team as a whole. She offers various programs from executive coaching to team building workshops and will customize her program to meet the needs of your team. 

Haden Starbuck

Haden delights in sharing her passion for creativity, especially helping people explore and honor their unique creative voices. She believes that the world would be a healthier place if we each tapped into our individual creative healing magic. She is here to fan the flames of a Creative Revolution. She does this by helping people step into their creative flow by shifting and healing their relationship to blocks, inner and outer critics and the dreaded inner perfectionist.
Haden has earned her living as a Creatrix for the last 25 years. Her biggest achievement is creating a life outside of the traditional 9-5 model. She lives and breathes creativity be it dog raising, conversations, her work or the stories she tells to and about herself.

Alice Bradshaw

Alice Bradshaw helps women with anxiety, however that manifests - whether sleep issues, poor digestion, panic attacks, relationship struggles, comfort eating, and the rest. Her passion is to explore how we can deepen and accelerate our spiritual growth with tools like EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). EFT balances the body's energy system through the meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine and empowers you to heal on all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Alice supports women to feel calm, empowered and connected to their life path and purpose through one-to-one sessions and group workshops.

Maxwell Ivey

 Maxwell Ivey, known around the world as The Blind Blogger, is a totally blind man from Houston Texas has transformed himself from a morbidly obese failed carnival owner to respected amusement equipment broker to award-winning self-help author, story telling motivational speaker, online media publicist, host of What's Your Excuse, and founder of the WYE Network. He believes that it is easier to answer an awkward question than to make you guess. So, if you have a question for him, just ask. 

Michele A. Finneran

Dr. Michele A. Finneran

Author, Clinical Psychotherapist, Mental Health Advocate
With a Ph.D in Conflict Resolution/Dispute Analysis from Nova Southeastern University, Dr. Finneran is licensed to practice in Florida. Her research and experience focuses on the topic of domestic abuse populations. She also emphasizes thought and mood disorders, as well as psychological and emotional issues in her clinical, private practice. Dr. Finneran’s clinical practice is made up of a diverse population from pre-teens to adults. Many clients that Dr. Finneran treats are First Responders: law enforcement, police detectives, firefighters/EMT’s/paramedics, nurses and medical personnel.

Driven by her mental health advocacy, Dr. Finneran now seeks to educate and inform others on her findings in regards to mental health, especially on the topic of domestic abuse by being open to nearly any and all speaking and educational events and opportunities for professionals alike.

Jeannie Moravits Smith

Jeannie Moravits Smith,  Chief Energy Officer, helps leaders build and maintain their dream team to earn massive profits.  She creates breakthrough experiences from the inside out, allowing her clients to increase positive intent and productivity, energy, alignment, connection, and engagement with themselves and others.

Jeannie is the founder of Dynamism, an HR-Rx Company, a Leadership Coaching and Consulting firm established in 2005. Now with over three decades of experience, Jeannie has helped thousands of leaders learn how to take charge of the catabolic thoughts and feelings that control their mindset and replace them with anabolic energy. Prior to HR-Rx, she held Executive Leadership roles at a variety of organizations. Jeannie holds certifications in Leadership Coaching, Energy Leadership, & Human Management, as well as a Master of Science degree in Human Resources.

She is the developer of multiple leadership training and coaching programs and has shared the Fearless Women's Summit stage multiple times with Thando Diomo. For her expertise, Jeannie has been featured in several Mindful Leader podcasts and on the Senior Stay or Go TV show.

Laura De Sans

Laura De Sans is passionate about nutrition and mental health, after 15 years working as a family physician; she's seen a lot of patients struggling with their weight.
Patients who have tried all kind of diets, without achieving lasting weight loss.
The truth is that there is a missing piece in the industry of weight loss. Lasting weight loss goes beyond calories in & calories out.
Our body is very complex, and our minds too. There are many factors impacting on our weight.
We can not control all these factors but, we can learn how to put them on our behalf.

Laura De Sans Website

Shuti Chadha

Shruti Chadha. has  been working in the IT industry for 20 years. She enjoyed working in different roles, delivering different technologies across many industries. Shrut's passion always laid in learning about new things and applying them in her own life with food and human mind being at the top of the list. Though there a came a time in her life that made her question herself and the things she was doing.

As a result of which she now does Transformational Life Coaching, where she works with her clients in creating self-awareness and forming a winning mindset by doing inner works and removing all the blocks that are stopping them from living the life they want.

With her coaching program, her clients gain clarity and develop appreciation for;
• Where they are disempowering themselves.
• Where they are still seeking external validation.
• How they are stifling themselves from having the impact that they are called to have.
• To feel more energetic and happier through habit transformation.  

Jenni Glad

Jenni is a transformational success coach, emotional health expert, energy healer and hypnotherapist. After over 12 careers in business and multiple wake-ups calls she transformed her life and started consciously creating her passions and dreams real.

Since then she has worked years ago, after a big burnout, I started shifting my life inside out with meditation and mindfulness, connecting with myself a whole new way- finally finding the fulfillment and happiness I had been chasing after. The path revealed my purpose and passions, becoming the work that I do today.

She works high achievers, healers and leaders, helping them to step into their potential and inner power, overcome the issues of selfstaboge, overgiving, people pleasing, codependent relationships and the helper syndrome.

Cristina Spataro

Cristina Spataro is a New York State licensed mental health counselor. She has worked with  Adults, children and families in crisis for the past 18 years. If there is one thing she has learned is that everyone has the capacity for change if they truly want it. Life is hard, and the "right" choices are not always so apparent. Our decisions and their consequences leave us questioning ourselves. While Cristina has specialized in lending assistance when things get really bad, she loves to see her clients get the help they need beforehand. Therefore, she is also a certified professional coach who provides life and relationship coaching and support group services. 

Madeline Klein

Madeline Klein is a Holistic Life Coach who specializes in Grit and Momentum. She has invested past 40 years in improving her craft so that she can change the lives of many different types of people. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in the Philosophy of Educational Leadership with a focus on Social Emotional Leadership. She loves being Grandma Maddie to Raya, Harris and Mara all under the age of 6.

Madeline Klein Email